If you aren’t happy with the cost or outcome of your job there are several steps you can take, here are our recommended ones:

  1. Firstly, we’d advise people to use good common sense, and try to work through any issues.  There are often situations when Pros can’t respond as quickly as they’d like - whether busyness, illness or family emergency - so try to show a bit of patience.  And communicating via phone or meeting up can help iron out any misunderstandings early on.

  2. Rate the Pro and provide feedback for others to see. This is a public review that future customers will see and more often than not a negative review will encourage communication from the professional and hopefully a resolution.

  3. If applicable, report the Pro to the relevant regulatory board, you can find out some more information on how to do that here.

  4. File a claim with the Disputes Tribunal, there is a small fee to do this but you can settle claims up to $20,000 here. We will supply you with any information you require once we have confirmation a claim has been filed. Find out more on this process here

  5. If you've been subject to a genuine scam where money has traded hands without any work being completed, contact the Police.

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