If you're not happy with your invoice or job performed then please contact us right away.

As independent contractors, Goodnest professionals are required to perform their services to a high standard. Once they've accepted your job, they're contractually obliged to call you (the customer), arrange the job, perform the job, and ensure any problems are made right.

When a job is completed the professional will submit an invoice to you through the platform. If you get in touch with us within 24 hours of receiving your invoice and we can then put a hold on the payment and contact your professional to let them know you are not happy with the invoice. Any funds paid are not held by Goodnest but in escrow by a third party, we are not able to negotiate the invoice nor authorise any immediate refunds without contacting the professional.

Goodnest is able to assist with the dispute resolution process, provide supporting evidence for complaints to regulatory bodies, and to put a hold on processing any payments for the professionals. 

Just contact us if you are unhappy with an invoice of job and we will get in touch with your professional and assist until a resolution has been made.

Note: If you make any payment outside Goodnest's platform to the professional we are not able to assist you or provide any insurance.

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