For Home Cleaning, Deep Cleaning & Office Cleaning:

You are charged when you book your first clean. Any repeating cleans will be charged 7-9 days prior to the job depending on the frequency of your cleans. If we are unable to take payment within 2 days of the clean going ahead, your clean will be cancelled until payment can be taken. The reason we take payment in advance is so we can guarantee payment for our cleaners and secure your spot in their busy schedules.

Note: For our Office Cleaning service your quote is displayed as a monthly charge, which is billed on the day of each clean. This gives you the freedom to make changes to your cleaning requirements or frequency at any time during the month. So if you have a special event or staff party, we've got you covered.

For all other services:

You will receive an invoice from your Professional through the Goodnest platform shortly after your job has been completed. Once you have received your invoice, Goodnest will wait 24 hours before charging your card so you can check over the invoice and contact us if there are any issues.

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