When you find a customer through the Goodnest platform that customer is yours to keep happy. When things don’t go smoothly here’s a handy guide to resolving things.

Step 1: Talk about it

A breakdown in communication, either in one party not conveying some crucial bit of information, or another party assuming the other one knows something when they don’t are the two most common things that occur. Have a quiet discussion with the customer about what the issue is. Did you mention your call-out rate somewhere before starting work? Is there some reason for the confusion that partially could have been cleared up by you prior to starting work?

Step 2: Find a middle ground, and move on

Sometimes two parties won’t see eye to eye. In this case it’s almost best to agree to disagree and find a middle ground - so both parties can move on from it. This is almost always the best way to deal with a situation where both parties have genuine reasons for believing they’re in the right. 

Step 3: Lodge a claim

If you know you’ve done a good job, and have done everything to get the customer to see this, but they still won’t agree then you can make have the matter decided on at the Disputes Tribunal. This is a far cheaper, faster, and less formal process than going to court. 

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